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2014 Teams
- 17 Fort Duquesne
- 16 Fort Pitt
- 16th Street
- 15 Clemente
- 15 Warhol
- 14 Hot Metal
- 14 Smithfield
- 13 West End
- 13 Carson
- 12 Birmingham
2014 Tournaments
Summer Camp
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2014 Tournament
Championships (8):
16 Fort Pitt
SHU 16s Mixed
IUP Crimson Hawk
Cal U Tournament
KRVA Championships
15 Clemente
IUP Crimson Hawk
Westmoreland Elite
14 Hot Metal
Bethany College
KRVA Championships


Pittsburgh's premier youth volleyball training program.
10-Time KRVA Region Champions (2009 - 17O, 2011 - 17O, 15O & 14C, 2012 - 16O & 14O, 2013 - 17C & 14C, 2014 - 16C & 14C)
5-Time USAV National Qualifier (2008 - 18s, 2009 - 18s & 17s, 2010 - 16s, 2011-17s)


Summer Camp: Only a few spots remain; REGISTER NOW!!!

Only a few spots remain for the 7th Annual P3R Summer Camp. Register now to secure your spot. Visit the Summer Camps page for more info and to register.

7th Annual P3R Skills Camp
Tuesday 7/22 through Thursday 7/24
9:00am-3:00pm (Lunch Break Noon-1pm)
Greentree SportsPlex
600 Iron City Drive, Pgh, PA 15205
$185 after deadline
*-$25 discount for 2014 P3R club players

Click HERE for more Camp Info and for Registration!!!

Feeling Blue: P3R Lights It Up Blue for Autism Speaks;

As many of you remember, Director and 12 Birmingham coach Mike Bruno ran last year's Pittsburgh Marathon blindfolded with the assistance of Point Park University's Cross Country Coach Jim Irvin. Last year, they ran in honor of Mike's daughter Cassie who is both blind and autistic to raise funds for the Vision Research ROPARD Foundation.
This year, they have decided to run again! This time to raise awareness and funds for Autism Speaks. An article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Tuesday explained why they decided to run again and why for Autism Speaks.
CLICK HERE to donate for the run. Or visit 26-2blindfolded.com for more info.

Calendar: The April Practice Schedule Has Been Posted

Payments: FINAL Installment Payments Due 3/31

The 4th and FINAL Installment payment is due by Monday 3/31. Please make sure your payment is prompt to not interrupt service. Players with an overdue balance will be removed from tournament rosters until paid. Please get the checks in the mail today. Mail checks made out to P3R Volleyball to P3R Volleyball, P.O. Box 23183, Pittsburgh, PA 15222-6183. The amounts due for each team is below. You can view a complete breakdown of the payments and fees HERE
17 Fort Duquesne$445
16 Fort Pitt$445
16th Street$415
15 Clemente$445
15 Warhol$400
14 Hot Metal$275
14 Smithfield$275
13 West End$275
13 Carson$275
12 Birmingham$185

New for 2014: P3R is the First-Ever StatEasy Club

Also, we are very pleased to announce that we have partnered to become the first-ever StatEasy club. StatEasy is a comprehensive, integrated stats and video software for high school and college sports teams. It allows teams to record and publish statistically coded video to the internet to share with coaches, families and peers. Imagine being able to instantly see your daughter's best plays in the comfort of your own home. With StatEasy's Social Sports Network, you can access game video and stats online! You will be able to use StatEasy to share tournament stats and video with the rest of your team at no cost. You will also be able to upgrade to create StatReels, highlight videos that you can use as a keepsake or to share as game tape for college coaches for recruiting purposes. We will have a few seminars once the season begins on how to use and maximise the value of using StatEasy. This is a free service only available with P3R!

FAQ: Questions Frequently Asked and Some Answers

We have received many emails and calls over the past few months about our club. Here are some of the most frequent and some answers:
Q: When are you having tryouts? How do I sign up?
A: Tryouts for 8 Graders and younger are on November 12. Tryouts for 9th through 12th Graders will begin on November 19. Follow the registration instructions on our Registration page. The tryout fee is $25 and will be collected at the tryout check-in table.
Q: How much does it cost to play this year?
A: The final tuition amounts will not be set until team rosters are completed and tournament schedules are set in December. Factors such as facility rental, equipment fees, uniforms, coaches fees & costs, tournament fees, and team size go into calculating the final tuition amount. However, you can view last year's tuition amount and fees HERE. This year's fees should be similar.
Q: When do teams practice? how often? and where?
A: Teams will practice typically 2-3 times per week. 15s-18 & Under teams will practice up to 3 times per week, usually 2 weeknight practices and one weekend practice. Ages 14 & Under will practice up to 2 times per week. Practice schedules are set after teams are formed to better coordinate schedules. We use multiple facilities within the central Pittsburgh area. Most of our practices, however, are held at the Greentree SportsPlex, Sharon Church in Moon & Point Park University downtown.
Q: How many tournaments do they play and and where are they?
A: Our 15s-18s will play in 7 or 8 tournaments, 14s & 13s play in 5 or 6 tournaments, and our 12s and 11s will play 3 or 4. Our top skilled teams will compete to go to the USAV National tournament in an open division which includes 1 or 2 national qualifiers, a few showcase tournaments, as well as the necessary required tournaments to be eligible for the KRVA Bid and Region Championships. Travel costs for these teams is higher but offers the most exposure for these teams against tougher competition. We try to not put a team in a competition level that they cannot compete.
Our other teams will play a more localized tournament schedule with most tournaments within a 2 hour drive to cut down on the need for a hotel. Most of these tournaments will be a one-day event with maybe a 2-day event or with a one-night stay the night before. We try to put teams in tournaments with similar competition. Your tuition is for volleyball training and practice, therefore playing time is not necessarily equal and not guaranteed. We use tournaments to emphasize team success and to perform at their best within competition.

Q: What sets your club apart from the other clubs?
A: We encourage parents to do their research before committing to a club. There are many area clubs that offer very similar experiences and we encourage players to join a club to continue playing in the off season. However, our priority is to create a positive, enjoyable and rewarding experience, all while being trained by some of the best and experienced volleyball coaches in the area. We have also had the most teams participating in the USAV National Championships in the last 6 years.
We also have a strong track record in the last 6 years of developing the most and highest percentage of collegiate players. We feel that we provide the best opportunities as well as the best training for our players to continue their careers beyond high school. With the experienced and connected college coaches on our staff, our priority is to assist our athletes in earning spots of college rosters as well as potentially earning scholarships. We do not charge extra for a player's skills tape. We will also create a player profile page and link to market the athlete to college coaches at no extra charge. And we also work with college coaches to help them find the athletes that are fits for their program. We help link our athletes to scholarship programs. This is a unique and exclusive ammenity that only P3R offers. Overall, time and time again, we've gotten rave reviews from our players and parents about the times they had with P3R. Talk to a former player or parent about their experiences to get the real feedback about a club.


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