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2015 Tournament
Championships (4):
17 Cathedral
Best of the 'Burgh
15 Cathedral
Best of the 'Burgh
15 Schenley
Westmoreland Elite
14 Cathedral
Best of the 'Burgh


Pittsburgh's premier youth volleyball training program.
10-Time KRVA Region Champions (2009 - 17O, 2011 - 17O, 15O & 14C, 2012 - 16O & 14O, 2013 - 17C & 14C, 2014 - 16C & 14C)
5-Time USAV National Qualifier (2008 - 18s, 2009 - 18s & 17s, 2010 - 16s, 2011-17s)


Offers: P3R club spots are now full; Welcomes new, returning members

Thanks to everyone who came out to tryouts this year. At this time all offers that have gone out have been accepted and no more offers will go out this year. We are excited for the season to begin and to start shaping into our teams and competing at tournaments. See below for more info on submitting paperwork before the first practice.
Practice schedules for the next 2 weeks are now posted on our Calendar page.

Club Registration: You've accepted an offer! Now what...

Congratulations! You have accepted an offer to play for one of the best clubs in the area. There are still a few things left to do to complete the registration. Since the USAV registration was completed before tryouts, that part is done. You must still, though, log back in to USAV's WebPoint System and under "My Information" change the club affiliation to "P3R"
Login to the USAV WebPoint System
While you're there, Junior Girls were required to take the Tryout memberships ($15) which are only valid until November 30, 2015.
You must upgrade to a full JR MEMBERSHIP once you have accepted an offer from a club by November 30.
The next step is to download and complete the following forms in their entirety and mail the required items along with a deposit check for $400 to our address as soon as possible to secure your registration. The completed registration and deposit must be submitted no later than November 27, or brought and handed in to Neal Brown at the first practice.
Registration Forms: Download & Complete (in order):
2015-16 P3R Club Contract
P3R Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct
USAV Medical Release Form (2 Copies)
3 (Three) Copies of Player's Birth Certificate (on 8.5" x 11" paper)

Mail the forms along with a deposit check for $400 made out to P3R Volleyball to the following address:
P3R Volleyball
P.O. Box 23183
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-6183

P3R Platinum: P3R Announces Top Age Group Coaches in new Program

P3R is announcing our top coaches in our new P3R Platinum program. The Platinum coaches will be the coaches of our top teams in our 14-17 programs as well as be the lead coach for each age group. With the new P3R Platinum program, we are looking to consistantly develop our top players using our standardized coaching techniques and fundamentals to build stronger players to compete on the national level and for years to come.
2016 P3R Platinum Coaches

P3R 14 Platinum
Alex Hinsey
Head Coach
Upper St. Clair HS
P3R 15 Platinum
Kellen Petrone
Director of Volleyball Operations
University of Pittsburgh
P3R 16 Platinum
Jason Ferri
Head Coach
Chartiers Valley HS
P3R 17 Platinum
Korin Wengryn
Assistant Coach
Washington & Jefferson College

Fees & Payments: Fee Schedule for the 2015-2016 season

Payments can be made by check and payable to P3R Volleyball and mailed to the address below. All payments must be received by the due dates. If you choose to pay in full, there will be a discount of $100 if payment is received by December 31. If you choose to pay in installments, the 4 payment due dates are as follows: December 31, January 31, February 29 & March 31. Please refer to the chart below for amounts due:
(Age divisions will be determined by 12/22)
2015-16 Payment Options
Team (Age and Level) InstallmentsPaid In Full
Deposit (Past Due)Monthly PaymentsTotalDeposit (Past Due)Payment by 12/31Total
17 Platinum$400+$525 x 4=$2500or$400+$2000=$2400
17 Club$400+$425 x 4=$2100or$400+$1600=$2000
16 Platinum$400+$525 x 4=$2500or$400+$2000=$2400
16 Club$400+$425 x 4=$2100or$400+$1600=$2000
15 Platinum$400+$525 x 4=$2500or$400+$2000=$2400
15 Club$400+$425 x 4=$2100or$400+$1600=$2000
14 Platinum$400+$425 x 4=$2100or$400+$1600=$2000
14 Club$400+$300 x 4=$1600or$400+$1100=$1500
13 Club$400+$300 x 4=$1600or$400+$1100=$1500
Sibling DiscountSubtract $200 on each additional player's final payment. (Paid in Full or March Payments)

Mail checks before the due date to:
P3R Volleyball
P.O. Box 23183
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-6183

FAQ: Questions Frequently Asked and Some Answers

We have received many emails and calls over the past few months about our club. Here are some of the most frequent and some answers:
Q: When are you having tryouts? How do I sign up?
A: Tryouts begin in November. Tryout information is posted above.
Q: How much does it cost to play this year?
A: The final tuition amounts will be set as we get closer to tryouts. Factors such as facility rental, equipment fees, uniforms, coaches fees & costs, tournament fees, and team size go into calculating the final tuition amount. However, you can view last year's tuition amount and fees HERE.
Q: When do teams practice? how often? and where?
A: Teams will practice typically 2-3 times per week. 15s-18 & Under teams will practice up to 3 times per week, usually 2 weeknight practices and one weekend practice. Ages 14 & Under will typically practice up to 2 times per week. Practice schedules are set after teams are formed to better coordinate schedules. All practices will be held at out new home, the Southpointe Courthouse.
Q: How many tournaments do they play and and where are they?
A: Our 15s-18s will play in 7 or 8 tournaments, 14s & 13s play in 5 or 6 tournaments, and our 12s and 11s will play 3 or 4. Our top skilled teams will compete to go to the USAV National tournament in an open division which includes 1 or 2 national qualifiers, a few showcase tournaments, as well as the necessary required tournaments to be eligible for the KRVA Bid and Region Championships. Travel costs for these teams is higher but offers the most exposure for these teams against tougher competition. We try to not put a team in a competition level that they cannot compete.
Our other teams will play a more localized tournament schedule with most tournaments within a 2 hour drive to cut down on the need for a hotel. Most of these tournaments will be a one-day event with maybe a 2-day event or with a one-night stay the night before. We try to put teams in tournaments with similar competition. Your tuition is for volleyball training and practice, therefore playing time is not necessarily equal and not guaranteed. We use tournaments to emphasize team success and to perform at their best within competition.

Q: What sets your club apart from the other clubs?
A: We encourage parents to do their research before committing to a club. There are many area clubs that offer very similar experiences and we encourage players to join a club to continue playing in the off season. However, our priority is to create a positive, enjoyable and rewarding experience, all while being trained by some of the best and experienced volleyball coaches in the area.
We also have a strong track record in the last 8 years of developing a high percentage of collegiate players. We feel that we provide the best opportunities as well as the best training for our players to continue their careers beyond high school. With the experienced and connected college coaches on our staff, our priority is to assist our athletes in earning spots of college rosters as well as potentially earning scholarships. We have player's skills tape. We will also create a player profile page and link to market the athlete to college coaches at no extra charge upon request. And we also work with college coaches to help them find the athletes that are fits for their program. We help link our athletes to scholarship programs. This is a unique and exclusive ammenity that only P3R offers. Overall, time and time again, we've gotten rave reviews from our players and parents about the times they had with P3R. Talk to a former player or parent about their experiences to get the real feedback about a club.


Summer Camp: Sold Out 8th Annual Camp another success

What a great time this summer for our 8th annual P3R Summer Camp. Another camp this year was full of lots of fun and lots of volleyball instruction and learning. Thanks to all of our campers and staff for another successful camp and we look forward to another great one next summer.

P3R Sand: P3R announces Pittsburgh's first Sand Volleyball Club

Sand Volleyball is the fastest growing intercollegiate sport around the country and offers junior athletes additional scholarship opportunities at the intercollegiate level. P3R Sand is the first and only sand volleyball club in Western Pennsylvania. Our program will focus on teaching the fundamentals and strategies of the sand volleyball game in a fun and competitive environment. Sand volleyball is a great way to develop and advance your indoor game too. If you are an indoor player looking to maintain or enhance your fitness level and get quality touches during the summer months, then P3R Sand is a great option for you.
All P3R Sand participants will receive the following:
  • 6 weeks of training, instruction and in house league beginning June 22nd
  • 2 sessions per week (4 hours per week)
  • An official Wilson Collegiate Sand Volleyball
  • P3R Sand T-shirt
  • P3R Sand Beach Tank
  • P3R Sand Hat
    Southpointe Courthouse
    281 Georgetown Road
    Canonsburg, PA 15317

    Training sessions will be led by Beach Impact Certified Lead Instructors Mike Bruno, Head Volleyball Coach Point Park University (Afternoon Sessions)
    and Alex Hinsey, Varsity Girls Volleyball Coach Upper St. Clair High School (Evening Sessions)
    *Participants are encouraged to register with their doubles partner*
    Click HERE to Register!!!
    Click HERE for a printable info flyer!!!

    Southpointe Courthouse: Our "brand new" practice facility is open!!!

    Finally! We have a permanent home! Our new facility, the Southpointe Courthouse, is open and ready for P3R to begin a new era. A big milestone in the history our club. The brand new, state-of-the-art hardwood court facility is located a few minutes off I-79 and US-19 with plenty of parking. The address is:
    Southpointe Courthouse
    281 Georgetown Road
    Canonsburg, PA 15317
    Google Maps
    Practices at the Courthouse will begin immediately and the practice schedules are posted for the rest of March on the "Calendar" page.  

    Best of the 'Burgh: 15 Cathedral & 17 Cathedral win host tournament

    Congratulations to P3R 15 Cathedral and P3R 17 Cathedral who won P3R's very own "Best of the 'Burgh" tournaments this past weekend. 15 Cathedral went 5-0 on the day without even dropping a set, despite some pretty close game scores including twp 30-28 set wins. They beat Pittsbugh Elite 15 Premier 1 in the semifinals and Renaissance 14 Black in the finals in a couple of nail-biting matches for both teams. Also, 15 Schenley won the Silver Bracket. On Sunday, 17 Cathedral started out slow but came back and beat Keystone VBC 17 Green when it counted in 3 sets to win the tournament. P3R 13 Hot Metal also had a 3rd Place finish in the Gold Bracket of their "Best of the 'Burgh" tournament. A great weekend for P3R. The 16s will get their shot at the title this coming Saturday.

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