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We have received many emails and calls over the past few months about our club. Here are some of the most frequent and some answers:

Tryouts begin in late July for 15s-18s and late October for 12s-14s. 2023-24 Tryout information, times and registration information in now posted for 15s-18s. The tryouts for age groups 14 and younger will be held during October 21-24, 2023, and for age groups 15 and older from July 21-23, 2023.

The final tuition amounts will be set as we get closer to tryouts. Factors such as facility rental, equipment fees, uniforms, coaches fees & costs, tournament fees, and team size go into calculating the final tuition amount. However, you can view last year's tuition amount and fees HERE

Teams will practice typically 2-3 times per week. 15s-18 & Under teams will practice up to 3 times per week (2 weeknights and 1 weekend morning). Ages 14 & Under will typically practice up to 2 times per week (1 weeknight and 1 weekend morning), unless a tournament is scheduled. Practices will begin in mid-November and run through April. Practice schedules are set after teams are formed to better coordinate schedules. All practices are held at our own facility, the P3R Volleyball Training Gym. Read more about it HERE.

 Our 15s-18s will play in 7 or 8 tournaments, 14s & 13s play in 5 or 6 tournaments, and our 12s and 11s will play 4 to 5. Our top skilled (Platinum) teams will compete for a bid to the USAV National tournament in an open division which includes 1 or 2 national qualifiers, a few showcase tournaments, as well as the necessary required tournaments to be eligible for the KRVA Bid and Region Championships. Travel costs for these teams is higher but offers the most exposure for these teams against tougher competition. We try to not put a team in a competition level that they cannot compete.

Our other teams will play a more localized tournament schedule with most tournaments within a 2 hour drive to cut down on the need for a hotel. Most of these tournaments will be a one-day event with maybe a 2-day event or with a one-night stay the night before. Older teams may have a multi-day travel tournament as well for maximum exposure to talent and for recruiting. We try to put teams in tournaments with similar competition. Your tuition is for volleyball training and practice, therefore playing time is not necessarily equal and not guaranteed. We use tournaments to emphasize team success and to perform at their best within competition.

We encourage parents to do their research before committing to a club. There are many area clubs that offer very similar experiences and we encourage players to join a club to continue playing in the off season. However, our priority is to create a positive, enjoyable and rewarding experience, all while being trained by some of the best and experienced volleyball coaches in the area.

We also have a strong track record in the last 16 years of developing a high percentage of collegiate players. We feel that we provide the best opportunities as well as the best training for our players to continue their careers beyond high school. With the experienced and connected college coaches on our staff, our priority is to assist our athletes in earning spots of college rosters as well as potentially earning scholarships. We have player's skills tape. We will also create a player profile page and link to market the athlete to college coaches at no extra charge upon request. And we also work with college coaches to help them find the athletes that are fits for their program. We help link our athletes to scholarship programs. This is a unique and exclusive ammenity that only P3R offers.Overall, time and time again, we've gotten rave reviews from our players and parents about the times they had with P3R. Talk to a former player or parent about their experiences to get the real feedback about a club.