p3r volleyball

Payments & Fees

p3r fees 2023-24

All payments will be made by direct deposit or credit card via LeagueApps. (

All payments must be received by the due dates. If you choose to pay in full, there will be a discount of $100 if payment is received by the first payment deadline. If you choose to pay in installments, the 4 payment due dates are as follows:

15s-17s: September 15, October 31, November 30 & December 31.

12s-14s: November 3, November 30, December 31 & January 31.

Platinum Surcharges are due at the time of rostering. All payments are subject to LeagueApps processing and credit card fees. Please refer to the chart below for amounts due:

Age Group4 Payments+ PlatinumInstallment
orPay In Full+ PlatinumPaid In Full
15s-17s Club Fees $665= $2,660or$2,560= $2,560
15s-17s Platinum$665+ $495= $3,155or$2,560+ $495= $3,055
14 Platinum$540+ $495= $2,655or$2,060+ $495= $2,555
12s-14s Club Fees$540= $2,160or$2,060= $2,060
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